We provide you with detailed analysis of threat when detected.
Hidden threat detection
Hidden threat detection
Find the signal in the noise to
uncover well‐hidden threats
within your network.
Detection of internal threats
Detection of internal threats
Respond to insider threats in
advance before they break
your business.
Cloud Protection
Cloud Protection
As cloud adoption only grows,
you need to extend security to
cloud-based data.

About us

Protection that's always there for you.

We offer a risk-free trial version of our service to help you determine if SecLookUp is right for your business. Once you start using SecLookUp, we’ll take care of the threats, detect vulnerabilities and help you stay compliant with regulations.

frequently asking questions

We Want Your Application
to Have the Best Quality Possible

Can you help us with compliance?
Don't worry about the complexities of GDPR, MiFID II, or any other compliance requirements. SecLookup has your back - we're here to help you stay compliant. and best part is compliance report is free of charge.
What all services do you provide?
Our team of cyber security experts are on hand to ensure your company is always protected. Whether you are looking for threat prevention, detection, response, Vulnerability Detection, Regulatory Compliance or Cloud Security, SecLookup has got you covered.
Is IT true that service is FREE?
Yes, you heard it correct. We do not charge untill we detect threat in your endpoints or network. Which means we try our best to dig out any hidden malware. We charge once we detect threats in your network.
Do i Need my own security team to use your product?
We provide end to end solution including service as security team. In short we will be your security team keeping eye on your networks and endpoints for anything malicious. So that you can focus on whats most importent for you. Your Startup.
What about my data privacy?
We take privacy very seriously. All data coming to our servers are metadata of file hash, network traffic etc. We do not see what you are browsing. Rest assured you can anytime have a look at what data we have collected using special portal access to our system.
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