Get Your Website Fixed and Protected from Harmful Software

Fix and restore your website if it’s been hacked. We promise to make it right or give your money back within 30 days. Our team is here to help, using the best tools and great service to clean up any harmful software on your website. Trust us at SecLookup to keep your website safe.


We’ll safely remove any harmful code from your website’s files and databases, restoring your site entirely.

Remove Warnings and Blocks

We’ll help you remove any warnings that affect your website’s traffic, so you don’t lose potential visitors. We’ll take care of removing your site from any blocklists.

Fix SEO Spam

Harmful SEO spam like unwanted keywords and links can damage your brand. Ensure your website appears correctly on search engines.

Prevent Future Attacks

Our website firewall (WAF) safeguards your site by filtering out malicious traffic, preventing hacks and improving your website’s speed.”